On September 9th at 4:30p at the City Hall, a public hearing will be held regarding the proposed new zoning code for the City of Des Moines - the first such update to the zoning code in 54 years. Should the new zoning code be approved, it could take effect as early as the end of October. The new developments are intended to speed up the construction permitting process in the City of Des Moines, believed previously to be a fairly cumbersome process. Local and national builders, and their constituents, argue that the new restrictions will drive up the cost of housing and effectively price out many prospective Des Moines residents. The latest City Council proposal seeks to break up the minimum size requirements for homes between new developments and existing neighborhoods, and lowers the minimum footage requirements 100-400 feet depending upon the type of structure. Should you want to attend the September 9th meeting, the agenda is available after 4:00p the Thursday before the meeting (today) at the following link: https://www.dsm.city/government/council_meetings_and_agendas/index.php.