Iowa Title Guaranty hosted an excellent conference this past week. Laughlin Law Firm was proud to have a presence as a Silver Level Sponsor.

The keynote speaker, Jeff Beals, is an award-winning author and sales strategist who gave a great presentation.

Experience and wisdom are the virtues of what makes one's services efficient, top-tier and, ultimately, valuable. Mr. Beals posited that those virtues can also be their own undoing. That’s to say experience can streamline service, yet it is also be compromising if one is not willing to listen to their client to derive value. Unchecked streamlining creates assumptions and typecasts a client’s problem. Assuming one knows what their client wants before it is even discussed may provide timely solutions to problems that did not exist. In turn, not only has the client not been served, everyone’s time has actually been de-valued!

We absolutely agree. It is through listening to our clients that we both realize what is valuable as opposed to committing the sin of assumption. That’s how we use our experience to help clients, and that’s one of the many reasons Mr. Beals’ presentation was so compelling.

Jeff and Jason manned the booth in between presenters. Amusingly enough, the staple remover/letter openers were a massive hit.

Secretary of State Paul Pate addressed a packed room right after lunch. Secretary Pate rightly touted the success of the MNLR database along with a number of other services they provide that have been improving things for those in the industry as well as all Iowans.


Thank you, Iowa Title Guaranty!